Friday, September 17, 2010

Surprise today is a "Creation by Karen"

This week is homecoming at my daughter's wonderful  school, Carrollton High School. Each day this week they had a different dress up day.

Monday- Tacky Day
Tuesday- Toga Day
Wednesday-Celebrity Day
Thursday- Generation Day
Friday- Spirit Day

Jenn-Jenn really wanted a yellow tutu. There were pink tutus, green tutus, purple tutus, and get this black and orange tutus but no yellow ones to be found. So it was up to mommy to save the day. First I searched you tube for a how to do a tutu video. Here is a great video How to make a tutu It is so easy. I knew a trip to Hobby Lobby was in order. So with 3 yds of yellow tulle, 2 yds of black tulle ( I think next time I would use 6 yards for a tutu to fit a size 0/1 teen). Below is the finished product!

My beautiful Jenn and her yellow and black tutu! Now all is good in the Trojan Nation!!!

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  1. That is too sweet...I miss y'all! She looks adorable.