Sheron's Kitchen

 I have always enjoyed a cozy kitchen.  When all 5 of us is in there together it is rather ridiculous. Every body is in each others way. I love to bring in step stool for Jesse to "help" while I work on a project.  There are times AJ and Wyatt l keep me company while I cook.  There is a lot of love in my kitchen.

Storage space at times, is a challenge. I have utilized every bit of space I could find.  The top of the stove I keep my most used ingredients.  Olive oil, salt and pepper, cooking spray, steak season and Italian seasonings. I use the top of the microwave to house loaf bread and bread products. The top of the refrigerator has my canisters, radio and I have a few items I don't use often, but want to keep, hidden there. I use the dining room for some storage and some of my cooking process.  The table gives me ample room to roll our dough and put recipes together.  Doug has made me a small pantry from the unused hall closet. I appreciate the space greatly.

I no longer have the radio there. I have a smaller one on top the refrigerator. I made my own curtains.

I never really understood why they designed this house in this way.  If it was me I would have opened it up more.  Not only would the kitchen and dining room would have been designed to be almost one and work together, I would have done the same with the breakfast area (I call it the Sun room). There would not be a powder room in the Sun room. Rather I would have used the blue living room to be a full bath and laundry room.  If we had the money to, I would love to remodel.

I hope you enjoyed my little kitchen tour.