Friday, September 10, 2010

Fruit Dessert Biscuits

Fruit dessert biscuits

I rarely make something from a recipe, rather I see what I have on hand and go from there. Tonight I made up a dessert biscuit. I had some leftover biscuit dough so I threw it back in the bowl with some milk and butter I added sugar and cinnamon, chopped cherries and apples. Kneeded in extra flour and cut with my "biscuit glass". Baked about 20 min at 350. After they cooled I glazed with powdered sugar and milk. Came out really guys loved them.

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  1. I made another batch but this time added everything together at the same time. Taste great but lost the biscuit texture. I think it is kinda like when you make cornbread dressing and don't cook the cornbread first.