Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Southern Lady's Guide to Your New Year's Dinner

I can hardly wait for New Year's Day! It not only is a new start to a fresh year, but the meal itself is steeped in tradition! We have our tried and true menu. Fried Hog Jowl (it is like bacon but not smoked) this is for health. I will cook a big pot of mixed greens (collards, turnip greens and kale). The leaves of the greens look like folded money. With that said we eat greens to make sure we have plenty of money in the new year. And last but not least we eat black eye peas for luck. This tradition started during Sherman's march to the sea. The union soilders destroyed all the crops and storehouses except for the dry corn and black eyed peas since this was thought to be food for the livestock. The confederate soilders felt lucky to have it.

Now that I have taught you what to eat, I think I should warn you of things you should not eat on New
Year's. First on my list is crayfish or lobster. They walk want to go forward, not backwards in the new year.  Second, stay away from the chicken wings. I know it is hard with all the bowl games, but you don't want your luck to fly away. And last but not least, no matter what chick-fil-a says eat no chicken. Chickens scratch the ground and you want to look to the future, not dig up the past.

I hope that clears up any questions you may or may not have had. No matter what your New Year's traditions are remember the most important tradition is sharing it with the ones you love!!!

God Bless and Happy New Year,

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  1. Ha Ha I love it...I really didn't know most of it...the meanings the health, money and luck parts.
    Didn't know the history nor what not to eat although I am sure I have been told before