Monday, August 1, 2011


It has been non stop since I arrived home. Someone from church having babies, one by emergency c-section, Illness, two surgeries and two hospitalizations. I have cooked and delivered meals to four families the last weeks of July.  After my lumpectomy and Jesse's birth we were blessed with food offerings.  It really does help having one less thing to think about when recovering. Taking a meal says I care, you're important and loved.That is a lot of feelings in one little dinner. What a blessing, to have the ability to make someone feel special. My friend Wendy's daughter has requested a peach cobbler and I read on Facebook that my friend Kara is sick and I thought I might take her a meal to help her out.  Just not sure what to offer with her limitations.  She had gastric bypass several months ago, plus my limitations with the empty pantry. I think my creativity may be tested.

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